the web performance conference21-22 November 2019, Amsterdam

Hack on MDN: Web Performance

Om Wednesday, November 20, 2019, the day before the conference, we're having a full-day hackathon to help document performance for the greater web developer community. Participants will team up to help evangelize web performance, convincing developers of the benefits of performance, and teaching them tip and tricks to ensure the web is accessible to everyone, no matter their device or bandwidth.

Time: 09:00–17:00
Tickets: €12,50 euros ex VAT
Lunch & drinks: included
Location: Spaces Vijzelstraat, Vijzelstraat 68-78, 1017 HL Amsterdam

Arriving later is fine; there is no formal program, we're just going to discuss and write.

The day will be led by Estelle Weyl from Mozilla.

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Name Company From
Daniel Kreitschmann ZEIT ONLINE DE
Erwin Hofman Blue 2 Blond NL
Estelle Weyl Mozilla US
Jason Merriman Insider Inc. US
Maxim Yezersky UA
Rodolfo Gonçalves Tsed PT
Roman Andriyanov UA
Stefan Bock Portalix DE
Tammy Everts SpeedCurve CA
Thomas Timmers BE
Tim Kadlec US

Hack on MDN: Web Performance

At the conference we're going to spend two days learning about web performance. Get your mind in the performance zone by discussing and writing about performance with other attendees and performance experts.

In this full-day hackathon we'll be working to improve MDN Web Docs, the premier free resource for web developers. You can choose to work on adding performance documentation to MDN, work on improving the site's performance, or anything that you think makes sense.

Work with some of the conference speakers, some Mozilla staff, and get to know some other conference attendees to make an even better experience.

The day will include a lot of coding, chatting, food, and fun. The registration fee is to ensure we don't have people sign up and not attend, and helps offset the cost of food.

Here are some the topics that you might improve upon (or in some cases, add):

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