the web performance conference11-12 November 2021, Amsterdam


Here's what we're planning for this year's;

On Wednesday 20th there are two events in town:

The main conference will run on Thursday and Friday from about 09:00 to 18:00. Sessions are 50 minutes, including Q&A. On both days we'll have drinks, a bite and post-conference conversations at the venue from 18:00 to 21:00.

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Time Thursday, November 21st Friday, November 22nd
08:30Doors open, breakfast, coffee, tea & registration
Welcome words by Tammy & Tim
09:30Henri Helvetica A Decade of Disciplined DeliveryHarry Roberts From Milliseconds to Millions
10:50Tammy Everts Performance CulturePat Meenan HTTP/2 priorities
11:40Patrick Hamann WebAssemblyDivya Sasidharan Predictive Prefetching
13:30Tatiana Mac How Privilege Defines PerformanceTim Kadlec When JavaScript Bytes
14:20Stuart McMillan Schuh case studySimon Hearne Third-party Performance
15:50Emily Nakashima Observability and User HappinessAnnie Sullivan Performance Monitoring
16:40Ilya Grigorik performance.​now().​reject(reasons)Vitaly Friedman The Future of Performance
18:00Party, drinks, food & mingling Sponsored by SpeedCurveParty, conversations, food & drinks Sponsored by Facebook