the web performance conference11-12 November 2021, Amsterdam


Below, in random order, you'll find some of the (positive) feedback received, via e-mail, our (anonymous) 2018 post-conference survey, and Twitter.

We understand of course speakers and sponsors might be biased, but please judge for yourself.

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“Organization was really good. Conference was simple and the focus was on the content and the speakers, without any unnecessary bloat”

— Attendee feedback

“Wanted to give a shout out to @Souders, @tkadlec and #team for organising and hosting such an amazing conference last week in #Amsterdam! I am still digesting all the wisdom that was spread in these 2 days. We will definitely come back to @perfnowconf next year again 🙌 #perfnow”

Christian Bromann

“The organizers were lovely (they made a badge for my 3 y/o! ♥️), @tkadlec and @souders were delightful MCs, talks were super high quality, and most importantly the attendees were engaged!”

Zach Leatherman, 2018 speaker & sponsor

“It was the most valuable performance event in my life. thank you GetResponse for the opportunity to be there. See you next year :)”

Igor Barkowski

“Many thanks for #perfnow, speakers were really inspiring and it was greatly organized.”

Benoît Emile

“I was SO impressed for the last year conference, best conference ever!”

Dario Barrio

“Almost home from Amsterdam and feeling very thankful to have been involved in such a great show with the @perfnowconf team. Check out this show in 2019 - this year's was packed with great practical takeaways and a very welcoming crowd.”

Scott Jehl, 2018 speaker & sponsor

“Thank you @perfnowconf team, @Souders & @tkadlec for the best conference that I’ve ever attended.”

Gabriel Moncha

“So today I heard and met IRL one of my heroes that inspired me to get into frontend development a couple of years ago. Although I couldn't speak with excitement, today was a good day.”

Luke Camilleri

“The general level of storytelling, aural and visual presentation was so high that they are all pretty much up there. The QA method is great and ensures relevant questions in a conversational form. The MC's were really good at keeping a flow on stage and did amazing introductions :)”

— Attendee feedback

“So many great talks at the #perfnow conference. Thanks to all of the amazing speakers and organizers. It was awe-inspiring.”

Tim Tornau

“First day of @perfnowconf was amazing.”

Ivan Vanderbyl

“Impressive, educational first day at @perfnowconf! Thank you @Souders, Tim Kadlec, and team for hosting!”

Mario Ciabarra, 2018 sponsor

“The speakers with real world problem and solutions were a great way of benchmarking personal problems in company setup with real world problems that other people/teams are facing (& solved)”

— Attendee feedback

“It was a great and friendly atmosphere, nice talks and fantastic food (Especially the Smoothies :) )”

— Attendee feedback

“On my way back from a fantastic @perfnowconf! I’ve visited several conferences before, but none of them had such a density of high quaility speakers and meaningful content. Thanks to the organizers and all the speakers. I highly recommend to visit #perfnow 2019!”

Dennis Westermann

“It was a very well organized conference. The talks, The venue, the catering service, the sponsors - everything was great. Best conference I've attended so far :)”

— Attendee feedback

“Fantastic few days at Performance Now in Amsterdam”

Dermot Dooley

“I found that going to a conference like this isn’t only about learning new things. It’s the experience as a whole! You’re getting inspired. You’re getting overwhelmed. You’re getting exposed to new situations. You’re getting forced to speak english for days! And you’re making new friends and contact with people that has the same interest as you, even though I didn’t meet a single one who works with exactly the same thing as me!”

Stefan Ledin

“On my way home from a great @perfnowconf Thanks to all the speakers and people who organized it!”

Hilko Holweg

“Back home after a fantastic @perfnowconf. It was a blast! One of the best conference I attended in the last 5 years. Looking forward to next year.”

Sven Wolfermann

“One of the best conferences that I have attended so far.”

Iulia Iacoban

“Most important thing you should know about the @perfnowconf organisers is that they are very nice people and always do a great job 👏”

Rowdy Rabouw, possibly bribed

“First day in the morning, on my way to the conference. (15 mins with the ferry and 15 mins walk - such a great experience)”

Iulia Iacoban

“Really loved #perfnow. Great talks and good conversations.”

Walter Ebert

“The conference was amazing! One of the best technical conferences.”

— Attendee feedback

“Oh yeah the conference was great too 😂.”

Ward Peeters

“Since the sponsor booths were highly relevant to the conferences focus I found them good and had some enlightening conversations”

— Attendee feedback

“Thanks to @ppk, his team and @Souders for realizing there's a need for #perfnow conference. The overall organization was perfect, really loved the short, but information packed speaker QA.”

Matija Grcic

“First day of #perfnow was great, filled with insightful talks. The conference is running really smoothly, A+ for organization”

Tiago Nunes

“I enjoyed chatting with all the booths and getting to know their product and what they would bring to our business”

— Attendee feedback

“Great speakers, very smooth seamless curating.”

— Attendee feedback

“One of the best conferences I've ever experienced so far. […] See you next year Amsterdam!”

Kris Klepers

“Such a great conference. Big up to the organisers.”

Gabor Till

“The 1st day of @perfnowconf is now over. Each talk was badass–can't wait for tomorrow ✊”

Anna Safronova

“Dreams do come true. I finally met with awesome @paul_irish”

Dilip Shukla

“This detail from @perfnowconf is so important. Conference organizers, please provide such a space at your after parties as well!”

Peter Müller

“I don't think I've been more jealous of conference attendees than I am of people at #perfnow”

Adam Lynch

“I think it was cool to be able to talk face to face with the sponsors! So much better to be able to ask them questions than to read marketing copy off their website.”

— Attendee feedback

“One track with moderation was great!”

— Attendee feedback

“One of the most inspiring talks I’ve seen - incredible insights about finding performance optimization opportunities”

Patty Toland, 2018 sponsor

“A fantastic inaugural @perfnowconf! Thank you to all the speakers, sponsors and attendees for making it such a successful event.”

Steve Souders, 2018 co-chair, speaker & sponsor (heavily biased :)

“There was a great atmosphere at the conference. People were very engaged.”

— Attendee feedback

“Sponsor booths helped get another angle on how others measure performance.”

— Attendee feedback

“The presentations were stellar, the attendees so interesting and engaged, and every aspect of the logistics exceptional. It was a pleasure and privilege to be a part of it.”

— A 2018 sponsor

“These booths are a useful addition, we had some nice conversations with sponsors.”

— Attendee feedback

“Let me say that I really enjoyed @perfnowconf! Great speakers, very interesting topics and awesome organization. I can definitely recommend attending next year!”

Ron Derksen

“#PerfNow was an absolute blast! Huge thanks to everyone who made me feel super welcome, especially @Souders, @tkadlec, @yoavweiss and @ppk. Who knew that the #webperf community was so full of such lovely people?! Definitely returning next year!”

Ryan Townsend

“Lunch was delicious, thanks for the smoothies.”

Ivan Vanderbyl

“The conference is amazing and full of great content so make sure to come next year 🦄”

Anna Migas, 2018 speaker

“I really liked the opportunity to talk to the speakers on both evenings for 3 hours. This was awesome. I also liked that there was no loud background music.”

— Attendee feedback

“At some stage in the conference i spoke to each sponsor, they were great, they were at the side & were optional.... it wasn't being stuff down our throats & there were no special 'talks' that were just covert sponsorship, which i really appreciated.”

— Attendee feedback

“#appdynamics was extremely proud to sponsor the inaugural #perfnow conference! A huge thanks to all the speakers, attendees, and organizers for making this such a great event!”

Kyle Tyacke, 2018 sponsor

“Registration was quick and near effortless. Schedule for talks was upheld quite well, always great! Lovely to get a Chocolonely before the last cluster of talks!”

— Attendee feedback

“Everything was well arranged, the food was awesome and the little things like the deodorant at the toilets.”

— Attendee feedback

“Besides the great talks and amazing organization, I really liked that the conference was single track and had just enough people/content to stay involved in the content.”

— Attendee feedback

“On both days, the doors opened up an hour before the first talk and breakfast was served. Lunch and snacks during the coffee breaks was also served, so we were really taken good care of. Not to mention the free beer on the nights after the last talks…😅”

Stefan Ledin

“One of the best things of @perfnowconf is how close we were to the speakers. And what a lineup it were. All really good at stage and off”

Vinicius Dallacqua

“#perfnow was so much fun! So many great speakers and a friendly and super engaged audience. Looking forward to next year”

Tim Kadlec, 2018 co-chair & speaker (heavily biased :)

“The event itself was great and there was some amazing, actionable content that I can take away and implement at work.”

— Attendee feedback

“I wish there were more [of these sponsor booths]. All the sponsors I talked to had useful, interesting things to talk about.”

— Attendee feedback

“Thanks @perfnowconf organizers/sponsors for such a great conference! Lots of valuable insights. Great speakers and a welcoming atmosphere. Looking forward to repeat next year!”

Jorge Luis

“I had extremely high expectations. It surpassed all of them. Amazing collection of speakers and attendees.”

Yoav Weiss, 2018 speaker

“Arrived at @perfnowconf with @KimHogeling. Venue Looks great and we Start the day with croissants ;) looking forward to two interessant days full of Talks and great speakers on this Single Track Conference.”

Sebastian Stach

“I’ve spoken at close to 100 public events, and @perfnowconf was genuinely the best of all of them in terms of sheer consistency, focus, and quality of content. Unmissable.”

Harry Roberts, 2018 speaker

“Heading home after an awesome first-ever #PerfNow conference. Thanks so much to @ppk for inviting me, @tkadlec and @Souders for being such great MCs, the @perfnowconf team for putting on such a seamless event, and of course all the fantastic attendees who made it all worthwhile!”

Tammy Everts, 2018 speaker & sponsor

“Really learned quite a few new things! Thanks for that.”

Andy Lemaire

“Wow @perfnowconf is packed! And great conversations before it even starts”

Andrius Aucinas

“I had a wonderful time in Amsterdam at @perfnowconf. It was an excellent conference and Amsterdam, as always, amazing.”

Jason Grigsby, 2018 speaker

“Had to dash early, but very well done to all the @perfnowconf organisers! Thank you for a great event”

Andrius Aucinas

“Had an AMAZING time at @perfnowconf, thank you so much to @ppk @Souders @tkadlec for inviting me, organizing an amazing lineup, and taking great care of us in Amsterdam! If you missed out this year, start planning for Nov 2019 today, you won’t regret it!”

Katie Sylor-Miller, 2018 speaker

“I am really impressed with the #perfnow crowd. A lot of people are taking really extensive notes, it is SUPER silent during the talks and people are not leaving the talks at all. I have been to ~10 confs only this year and never saw anything like that. 👏”

Anna Migas, 2018 speaker

“Loved the case study talks because they gave very hands-on tips on dealing with performance issues”

— Attendee feedback

“Even doing demo’s during conference sessions @perfnowconf, great audience!”

Peter van Gils, 2018 sponsor

“My first Perf conf and I could not imagine a better start @perfnowconf 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Loved the talks and specially the community I found very unique; super open and friendly. Can’t wait for the V2.0”

Zeshan Jaffari

“What a great day at #perfnow, all the speakers were simply amazing, I love each second of it, you are really inspiring and I will definitely apply a lot of the concepts. Thank you all!”

Alexandra Vargas

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