the web performance conference20-21 October 2022, Amsterdam


Sponsoring allows you to reach practitioners and decision makers working on website optimization in Europe’s leading technology organizations—and they might even be using your software.

The third will take place on 27 & 28 October 2022 in Amsterdam.

Our typical attendee is technically very savvy, with experience in JavaScript, CSS, server-side languages, image optimization, devops, monitoring, and full-stack web development. Also, they have an interest in software that can inform their performance decisions, and in talking to representatives of that software.

“The presentations were stellar, the attendees so interesting and engaged, and every aspect of the logistics exceptional. It was a pleasure and privilege to be a part of it.”

— A 2018 sponsor







  • All the advantages of the Entry Sponsorship
  • Your pick of one of the Measure exclusive sponsorships: Thursday or Friday afterpary, or the event wifi, subject to availability. You will be called out exclusively on stage when we mention them. Details below.
  • Two extra free tickets to the conference
  • Option to add a booth

Contact us if you're interested in our possibilities.

The inaugural 2018 edition sold out at 375 attendees from all over Europe—and 12.5% from even further abroad. The 2019 edition had similar numbers.

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Measure or Mark sponsors can upgrade their package with a table or booth at the conference. This allows you to interact with the audience, for instance by demoing your software.

Measure exclusives

A Measure sponsorship comes with one of these exclusive packages of your choice, subject to availability.

Afterparty (both days taken)

Exclusive sponsorship of the Thursday evening or Friday evening afterparty. The party will take place at the venue, and will start at the end of the conference around 18:00 and continue until about 22:00. During the afterparty your logo will be prominently visible, among other things on the beer mats (coasters).

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Event wifi (taken)

Exclusive sponsorship of the conference wifi. Your company name will be the password - all attendees will actually have to type it into all of their devices.

Mark exclusives

A Mark sponsorship comes with one of these exclusive packages of your choice, subject to availability.

Barista (taken)

Exclusive sponsorship of the barista on Thursday or Friday. It will be available from roughly 08:00-16:00. This includes both coffee breaks and the lunch break.

Morning croissants

Exclusive sponsorship of the morning croissants, which will be available on both days from 08:00-11:00.

Smoothie bar (taken)

Exclusive sponsorship of the smoothie bar, which will be available on both days from roughly 12:30-16:00. This includes the lunch break and the second coffee break.

Dutch delicatessen

Exclusive sponsorship of a special stand with Dutch delicatessen such as stroopwafels or poffertjes; available on both days from roughly 10:00-16:00.

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All sponsors can leave swag, such as stickers, pens, cups, or t-shirts, in the venue, or give it out at their booth or somewhere else. We don't have a conference bag, but our experience is that our attendees will pick up interesting swag anyway.

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Please contact us if you're interested in one of these packages, and we'll get things going.

If you're looking for something else—such as a combination of packages, or a customized one—let's discuss how you can get the best out of

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